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We are thankful to be part of your journey and very happy to offer 3D ultrasound. We know you will cherish forever the first time you seen a clearer picture of your baby.

3D UltrasoundWhat is a 3D Ultrasound?

Three dimensional ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves and special imaging software to create images of your baby’s soft tissues, organ and other anatomy. 3D ultrasounds produce a sharper, clearer image of your little one.

What is involved in a 3D ultrasound?

Just like any other scan, the sonographer will guide the transducer along your skin. A 3D ultrasound takes thousands of pictures or photos of the baby at one time. These are translated by a computer into three dimensional images and is a more realistic shape and form in the images. The baby’s face and delicate features are clearer.

What is the best time for me to have a 3D ultrasound?

Generally, the recommendation is between 26-30 weeks. By this time, there is sufficient fat under the skin to see the baby’s facial appearance, rather than just the supportive bony structure.

How should I prepare for my 3D ultrasound?

Hydration is the key to great images. Please drink 32 ounces of water or juice before your appointment. Please use the restroom before you start your appointment. Avoid lotions on your stomach if you can. Eating something light or drinking water before your appointment can sometimes assist in increasing the baby’s activity, so we can catch a glimpse of them moving around.

How long will it take to have my 3D ultrasound?

Sonographers will take about 30 minutes to complete the 3D ultrasound. You are welcome to bring family members with you. Please do not bring small children. You will receive 3 black and white pictures and a flash drive with your baby’s images.


Many parents have commented that having a 3D ultrasound helped them bond with their baby before birth. Having a clear view of their baby’s face, feature, family likeness and gender made a big difference.

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